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Sylc Air Polishing

Rediscover Your Radiant Smile with SYLC™ AIR POLISHING

Revitalize Your Smile with SYLC™ Air Polishing at The Haven Dental Practice in Wokingham

Is your smile losing its luster due to staining from beverages like tea, coffee, or red wine? Our exceptional SYLC™ air polishing treatment is here to rescue your smile. Swift and painless, it effectively cleans teeth, eradicating all forms of stains from tooth surfaces.

Discover the Advantages:

Healthier, cleaner teeth
Enhanced brightness of your smile
Restoration of the natural appearance of healthy teeth
Relief from sensitivity
Prolonged safeguarding against staining from foods, beverages, and bacteria
Non-invasive, pain-free procedure
Available now with our Hygienist
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Relief from Sensitivity

With Sylc™, over 99%* of the formulation is composed of Novamin®, an advanced calcium phosphate technology scientifically proven to alleviate dentine sensitivity. Sylc™ particles promptly seal the dentine tubules, transforming into a durable tooth-like substance that bonds to natural teeth. This delivers enduring protection against sensitivity caused by hot and cold foods and drinks. By maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental or hygienist visits, you can experience substantial relief from discomfort and sensitivity after just one dental visit.

What to Expect During and After Your Sylc™ Treatment

You might feel a “sandy” texture on your teeth, which is the natural minerals adhering to the tooth surface. This sensation will diminish, leaving you with smooth, gleaming teeth. Sylc™ is applied painlessly to the tooth and is often performed before and/or after scaling.

When Can I Eat or Drink After the Treatment?

We recommend waiting for an hour after your treatment to allow the minerals to create a protective enamel-like layer.

How Often Should I Undergo Sylc™ Treatment?

At every cleaning appointment.

Bring Radiance to Your Smile with Air Polishing. Schedule Your Appointment Today!

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