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Comprehensive Guide to Dental Services in Winnersh

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Comprehensive Guide to Dental Services in Winnersh

5 March 2024

Are you searching for reliable dental services in Winnersh? Look no further! This guide will walk you through the various dental treatments and procedures available in the area, offered by The Haven Dental Practice, along with insights into associated fees.

1. What general dentistry services are offered in Winnersh?

New patient examinations with necessary x-rays (£85.00) Routine dental check-ups (£55.00) Bitewings and small x-rays (£30.00, £15.00) Emergency dental appointments (Starting from £185.00) Prescription charges (£10.00)

2. What preventive treatments are available in Winnersh?

Professional hygiene appointments for thorough cleaning and gum health (£65.00 - £130.00) Cosmetic air polishing and desensitizing treatments (£65.00 - £85.00)

3. What restorative options can you access in Winnersh?

Amalgam and white fillings (From £99.00) Ceramic inlays/onlays and veneers (From £450.00) Crowns and bridges (From £850.00) Dentures, including acrylic and cobalt-chrome options (£450.00 - £1,100.00) Post and core build-up for damaged teeth (Starting from £140.00)

4. Are orthodontic and cosmetic treatments available in Winnersh?

Invisalign consultations and treatments (£1,999.00 - £4,299.00) Teeth whitening services (Starting from £349.00)

5. Are specialized services like endodontics and oral surgery provided in Winnersh?

Endodontic consultations and root canal treatments (Starting from £750.00) Tooth extractions (Starting from £130.00) Surgical procedures such as sinus lifts and bone grafting (Starting from £450.00, £1,500.00 per sinus)

6. How does Winnersh cater to emergency dental care needs?

Out-of-hours emergency appointments for urgent dental issues (Starting from £185.00) Antibiotic prescriptions for dental infections (£15.00)

Discover comprehensive dental care at The Haven Dental Practice in Winnersh. Our skilled team is committed to providing top-quality services at affordable prices, ensuring optimal oral health for all our patients.