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Sylc Air Polishing

Do You Have Stained And Discoloured Teeth? Would You Like A Brighter Smile?

Introducing Sylc Air Polishing At The Haven Dental Practice

If your teeth have become discoloured from tea, coffee or red wine we have the answer for you. Our fantastic new air polishing treatment will clean teeth quickly and painlessly, removing all forms of stain from the tooth surfaces.

The benefits are…

  • Cleaner, healthier teeth
  • Brighter smile
  • Restores the natural appearance of healthy teeth
  • Sensitivity relief
  • Continued stain protection from foods, drink, bacteria
  • Non-invasive, painless procedure
  • Available now with our Hygienist

Add Sparkle To Your Smile With Air Polishing. Book Your Appointment Today!

Sensitivity Relief

Sylc™’s unique formulation contains over 99%* Novamin® – an advanced calcium phosphate technology, scientifically proven to reduce dentine sensitivity. Sylc particles immediately occlude the dentine tubules and are transformed into a hard tooth-like material that bonds to a natural tooth. This provides long-lasting protection against sensitivity from hot and cold foods and drinks, which can be maintained
through good oral hygiene and regular treatment from your dentist or hygienist. Just one dental visit should deliver significant relief to sensitivity and discomfort.

What Can I Expect During And After My Sylc Treatment?

You should expect to have a “sandy” feeling on your teeth. Don’t worry; these are the natural minerals attaching to the tooth surface. The “sandy” feeling will go away leaving you with bright and smooth teeth. Sylc is sprayed painlessly onto the tooth and is often performed before and/or after scaling.

How Long Should I Wait To Eat Or Drink?

It is recommended to wait an hour after your treatment so that the minerals have formed the protective enamel like layer.

How Often Should I Be Treated With Sylc?

Every cleaning appointment.

Add Sparkle To Your Smile With Air Polishing. Book Your Appointment Today!

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